At the age of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp , it is becoming more and more difficult to practice real democracy. Fake news rule public opinion. Each individual is an egocentric, self-proclaimed leader . Each group marks its territory and writes its own constitution. We, citizens of democracy are not realizing that the world has changed. We struggle with models and attitudes of the past, unable to harness our uncertain
future. We need to re-invent ourselves.
Wikipedia shows us a way. An open platform without leader, without doctrine, that accumulates the knowledge of the world. This e-democracy open platform called the 3 rd republic of Lebanon can well be it. Bringing the opinion of all Lebanese to a dogma-free open forum capable of creating a deep, young, participative consensus around the future of our nation. A platform that can become Lebanon’s salvation roadmap and a model of e-democracy for the world.
Let’s retain those key words: Collaboration, team work, participation and build together the new e-democracy of Lebanon. The one that will change our destiny .
Yes, I strongly believe in this open platform


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