MYTILINEOS and Siemens Energy partner on 560MW CCGT plant in Poland
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      Greek energy solutions company MYTILINEOS S.A. together with a consortium including Siemens Energy Global GmbH and Siemens Energy Sp, will be constructing a combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plant in Grudziadz, Poland.

      The 202 million euro ($214 million) EPC contract was signed with SPV CCGT Grudziądz Sp, owned by Polish energy company Energa S A, for a 560MW power plant.

      The plant will consist of one gas turbine and one condensing steam turbine using a closed, wet mechanical draft cooling tower arrangement.

      This will be coupled with the construction of a gas installation in the plant with accompanying infrastructure.

      The planned gas and steam unit will be characterised by efficiency exceeding 60% in nominal conditions and will enter commercial operation in 2025.

      According to Energa S A, the gas and steam block in Grudziądz will play an important role in ensuring Poland’s energy security.

      Marcin Małek, president of the management board of CCGT Grudziądz Sp, said: “In the coming years, in connection with the transformation of the Polish energy sector, we can expect a further increase in the capacity installed in renewable sources, the production of which results from hydrological conditions, sunlight or wind conditions, and not from the demand for energy by consumers.

      “Hence, in order to ensure the possibility of balancing variable RES production with demand, it will become more and more important, due to the operational safety of the National Power System, to ensure regulatory and low-emission generation assets – this is what the planned power plant in Grudziądz is.”

      This is the first energy project for MYTILINEOS’ Sustainable Engineering Solutions Business Unit in Poland.

      Kostas Horinos, director power, LNG/GAS, Industrial, T&D, MYTILINEOS’ Sustainable Engineering Solutions (SES) Business Unit, stated: “We are excited to partner yet again with Siemens Energy, for an ambitious project in Poland, that will boost the country’s energy system, providing stability and independence. MYTILINEOS’ SES Business Unit has a vast experience in the construction of state-of-the-art CCGTs, both for other parties and for the Company itself, helping countries and entities to reduce greenhouse emissions towards a more “clean” future.”

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