The reach of the Lebanese has always transcended the boundaries of Lebanon.  Their aspiration is bigger than what the current Lebanese institutions and politicians can deliver, and the political and ideological options available are obsolete to build a sustainable future; hence, the only way forward is an E solution.
The E solution can assemble the Lebanese across all five continents, into a single yet richly diverse community, united around a simple goal: the cultural and economic sustainability of Lebanon, and simple principles: the believe in a civil, democratic, and progressive society weaved together through the rule of law and the spirit of ethical behavior, where all citizens regardless of gender, ethnic, religious, or personal choices, are equal in rights and obligations.

The E solution is also a conduit for powerful, validated, and constructive ideas to all its members consecutively.  It takes the tension of opposing ideas, whether right or left, to forge an effective solution to a small problem or a new social contract. The E solution provides a venue where ideas and issues are debated in an orderly and conclusive manner, leading to solid long-term solutions.

In short, the E-Democracy, is an assembler of diverse and scattered Lebanese, a conduit for ideas, a venue for constructive and peaceful debate, a platform for making decisions and resolving differences peacefully through a voting mechanism. As such, intended to take Lebanon forward as a prosperous and enlightened nation, where diversity lives in harmony through a progressive social contract.


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