Lebanon today faces an unprecedented existential threat that is inextricably linked to the disempowerment of its people. We must ask ourselves: how do we move forward to heal our nation’s broken bones? As a platform, The E-Lebanon of Lebanon has the power to alter the course of Lebanese history through one simple premise: restoring the voice of each citizen. For the health of our democracy to thrive, Lebanese citizens must be impartially informed and their voices heard. Every voice counts to stop a few from determining the fate of many. The opportunity to vote freely without coercion nor influence is the key to creating a society every Lebanese citizen wants to live in. E-democracy will allow us to choose ideas, projects, and leaders that have a positive impact on our communities. We deserve protection of our right to shape our economic, legal, environmental and cultural lives, and the E-Lebanon platform will do exactly that. The majority of Lebanese citizens have phones. By this mere fact, our voting rights and better futures lie within our pockets.


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