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      Digital sustainability is the transformation of the various means of survival and tools for survival on the planet into digital systems, from providing food and shelter to strengthening the economy.

      With the gradual shift towards digitization in various aspects of life and various economic sectors, several terms have emerged, most of them are new and others are based on other terms, but they are adapted to digital aspects.

      One of the most prominent of these terms, the so-called “digital sustainability”, is derived from sustainability as a definition related to the preservation of resources and wealth, and “digital” associated with the technological transformation taking place, as one of the branches of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
      What is digital sustainability?

      Digital sustainability is the development and dissemination of technology in order to secure the competitiveness of individuals, institutions, countries and societies to maintain the pace of growth in the long term, to achieve the goals of sustainable development.

      While a segment of societies believes that digital technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and Blockchain are one of the most powerful tools ever created by mankind, and have interfered negatively in some sectors, others see the opposite by adapting technology and digital to achieve sustainable development.

      This means that digital technology can be used to enable a sustainable future; Through a clear strategy, know-how, credible methodology, and most importantly, digital sustainability, it may drive towards accelerating sustainable development.
      For a long time, there was a real tension between meeting basic needs and the potential destruction of the planet; There were no known ways to provide adequate nutrition, mobility and buildings to provide global sustenance, shelter and survival, without destroying the planet.

      However, in this “digital sustainability” process, it is now possible to provide basic needs in a sustainable way, while also providing transparency so that communities can recognize the scale of the achievement.

      In more simplified terms, digital sustainability is the transformation of the various livelihoods and tools of survival on the planet into digital systems, from providing food and shelter to strengthening economies.
      According to a report by the World Economic Forum, there is a point where sustainability and digital meet, and then digital sustainability has become a point of discussion in business fields. and explore how tools for the digital age are designed, adapted, and directed towards addressing local and global sustainability goals.

      Translated from: Sawt Beirut-Digital Sustainability

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