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      Compare between the two Strategies:

      Blue Gold


      The objective of this Strategy is to show that we can do better.

      BLUE GOLD project is an innovative, visionary 5-Year plan that will increase the amount of available water to 500 million m3 as of 2020 – only 7 years from now! By 2030, the amount will be 1 billion m3, equivalent in today’s money to more than 2 billion USD of wealth for the entire country to share.


      Lebanese Government Water Strategy

      • Updating the Water and Wastewater Strategies to account for changes and set
      • Preparation of Executive decrees of the Water Code to make it implementable
      • Speeding up Dam projects and complete the corresponding upstream and
      downstream Water and Wastewater systems to preserve our water wealth
      • Speeding up Wastewater projects through completing WW networks and
      finalizing treatment plants to alleviate pollution
      • Upgrading of the irrigation infrastructure to conserve our water resources
      • Enforcing the law on illegally exploited private wells and other illegal activities
      in the water sector
      • Reforming the administrative framework through supporting the WE’s and LRA
      • Shifting to volumetric meters and restructuring the tariff to include
      wastewater fees.

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